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Wherever I Go by Karima Francis

Singer-songwriter Karima Francis has a voice that’ll speak to your soul. “Wherever I Go” has been on repeat since the first time I had a listen. Absolutely beautiful.

Wherever I go,
each moment away,
I’m missing you more than I can say.
When I’m not at home,
I’m still here loving you. 

Runaway by Maroon 5


I have a weak spot for Maroon 5, woops.

You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates


A song from the excellent (albeit indie-hyped) (500) Days of Summer soundtrack, You Make My Dreams is irresistibly catchy.

Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra


"Simple Math" is the title track of Manchester Orchestra’s third album, set to release May 10, 2011. Andy Hull (lead vocalist and songwriter) says of the upcoming album: "I think it’s really good and it will surprise people. I don’t think people don’t expect us to be as good as we are on this album." You can watch the music video here.

I think Simple Math is absolutely brilliant (but then again, Manchester Orchestra’s stuff is always brilliant) and am - patiently, I promise - waiting for the new album.

You and I by Ingrid Michaelson


So I will help you read those books,
if you will soothe my worried looks,
and we will put the lonesome on the shelf.

Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars


Fader by The Temper Trap


Fader is the third single from The Temper Trap’s Conditions (and one of the tracks from a playlist I’ll be posting sometime this week). It has a get-up-and-go feel - my type of perfect to blast in the car with the windows down.

Home by Marc Broussard


I’m not a soul-and-blues sort of person, but I can’t help but tap my feet to this track.

You are a Tourist by Death Cab for Cutie


Death Cab for Cutie’s long-awaited seventh album, Codes and Keys, is set for a May 31, 2011 release date. “You Are a Tourist” is the first single, and, for me, a love at first listen. Now, to clean up this jizz…

Rogue Machine by The Daylights


By the band who created the viral hit I Hope This Gets to You, Rogue Machine has comfortably taken its place as my new replay song.

Welcome Home by Radical Face